Transform IT Data into Business Intelligence

Find out how ITBI™ can provide the business and operational visibility across your estate

The ITBI™ solutions run across the enterprise, incorporating Mainframe, Distributed and public / private cloud platforms, providing the information to manage your environments optimally. ITBI™  provides the ability to both right-size your domains, as well as drill down and resolve consumption issues before they prove expensive.


ITBI™ provides key input to software contractual reviews, audits and cost reduction opportunities.

The ITBI collectors gather capacity and performance data from your IT Infrastructure and combines them with business information such as costs, which business unit is using the resources and for which activities. This data is refined through the ITBI Engine, and gathered into a data warehouse for analysis. The warehouse is made available to the user through an advanced Business Intelligence reporting tool available through a browser or on a mobile device.

Having this data stored in the data warehouse provides a window for both operational staff as well as the business application owners. This ensures that all groups are talking from the same data store. 

The data can allow business owners to understand their chargeback costs, their impact to external costs, and best ways to pro-actively reduce these. Similarly, from an operational perspective, the data allows administrators to right size environments for their CPU, Disk and memory allocations. Besides getting best use of the capacity available, it also provides valuable input to the software license experts to enable them to understand software utilisation, and potential reductions through a right-sizing exercise.   

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