Mainframe Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) cost reduction services, vendor licensing structures, renewal and technical refreshto lower TCO,  skills to value-add, mainframe environment contimually run as cost effective.

Mainframe Optimisation

Efficient & Innovative Solutions


The IBM Mainframe platform continues to be the core platform for many clients. It remains a technically robust environment supporting large processing requirements for Telcos, financial services and other businesses. The mainframes reliability and fitness for purpose continue to resist efforts to transition processing to potentially lower cost platforms, and in fact has proven itself to be a more efficient platform than other environments in many instances.


A mainframe Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will always rank highly in the population of IT assets.  The ranking manifests in a continuous cost focus for the mainframe services owners. Innovative vendor licensing structures, renewal and technical refresh provide opportunities to lower TCO, but overall service owners can only contemplate a scenario of diminishing returns for their TCO reduction efforts.  


Expert advice is at hand and ECMP brings together the services and skills to value-add to an organisation by assuring that the Mainframe environment will always run as cost effectively as possible.


ECMP offer a comprehensive range of services around cost and value management. Our experience of delivering these services is the key to our strength and ability to provide real value and savings. Our services encompass commercial and technical solutions and can be delivered on outcome-based models, minimising the initial investment and any inherent delivery risk.  In addition we can offer IT Business Intelligence – ITBI™, providing transparency into the relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities for the Mainframe and distributed platforms.


Our technical services deliver across all areas of the mainframe estate; system, database and application services, and deliver a comprehensive set of solutions to substantially reduce costs, with minimal to zero risk.


In addition to our own services, ECMP have relationships with a number of partner SME and Software companies that provide complimentary services and solutions. This allows us to assist clients further by bringing in bespoke solutions as part of our services to assist our clients drive their costs down further.


ECMP offer a comprehensive range of services for clients including:

  • Targeted System and Application optimisation – Peak usage, MLC based peak 4HRA and business demand

  • Audit / Diagnostic (including Total Cost of Ownership, CapEx / OpEx)

  • Organisational capability

  • Batch simplification and optimisation

  • Consumption-based charging Reviews – Internal and External

  • ETL Optimisation

  • Managed Service for Capacity and Performance based on best practice Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators and Continuous Service Improvement.

  • Demand and Capacity Management

  • Software license optimisation

  • Software license audit defence