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Optimise Your Estate The Smarter Way

ECMP takes pride in our ability to provide significant technical savings and align this with the mix of commercial and business drivers.

This sets us apart from the rest.

When your systems or applications are not performing optimally, it means you're using more processing power, memory or storage than you need, business users may not be getting the response times they demand and your IT costs will be increasing.  

ECMP have specialists across most domains and environments that will investigate these problems across the various towers, and ensure your systems and applications are running optimally. The applications running within your estate are the backbone of your business, and it's critical to ensure they are fit for purpose and capable of delivering current demand and future growth optimally.


The business demands cost efficiency whilst delivering robust applications. At ECMP we provide the most effective solutions to help achieve distributed and mainframe optimisation.

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Mainframe Optimisation

ECMP have expert consultants that cover all facets of your mainframe consumption- from system services, environment run-time parameters, database accesses, to application design ad code improvements.

Our Consultants have worked across many complex structures with different service providers and customers, and they bring a collaborative comprehensive approach to focus on the key areas to optimise. 

We do these services under various commercial models to suit our customer's preferences, from standard Time & Materials to Success Fee structure.

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Distributed Optimisation

The distributive world is highly varied ad subject to constant change.

ECMP have highly experienced consultants that can tackle most needs across these environments, whether you're running SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, LUW, or other database platforms across WinTel, Unix, or Linux. We have the knowledge to make them run more cost-effectively. 

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Demand and Capacity Management

It is essential to understand your usage from both ad IT and business perspective. 

ECMP understand the need to provide confidence in the ability of the infrastructure assets to support business fluctuations and growth, whilst ensuring you are not over-investing in unneeded capacity and software costs. 

We have tools and services in achieving these goals and can tailor solutions that support both in-sourced ad out-sourced requirements.

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Right Sizing

IT estates often have more hardware than they need, and as a result, can over configure their servers. Both in-sourced and out-sourced customers need to ensure their servers are right-sized to manage the peak business loads.

Too low a configuration ad the performance may suffer, too high a configuration will prove costly to the business. 

ECMP ensures servers are fit for purpose and allows SW contracts to be leaner, or environments offered by your provider to be cost-effective. Input to this can come from various sources. The ITBI solution is one we have seen work effectively for both operational and business needs.