The Three Keys to ECMP

At ECMP we combine optimisation, transparency, and in-depth commercial knowledge to provide comprehensive end-to-end cost-saving solutions for your IT enterprise

Optimising your commercial spend within the IT estate is more critical now than ever. The business demand for leaner services are growing, change is constant, and digital transformations are rapidly changing the estate and software stack.


ECMP believe that there are three key areas to address that will bring the most optimal commercial benefit for our customers. 


We focus on providing the transparency across the different platforms, for both the IT Operational and and Business/Application owner viewpoints, optimising the usage across the core hours that impact the commercial basis of your agreements, and finally, ensuring that supplier contracts in place are optimised and reflect the most cost effective delivery for the business.

Too often we find the following problems occurring:  

  • Team Resources are constrained and often refocused on other business needs, delaying the ability to review, understand and optimise the IT Assets 

  • IT Operations teams do not have visibility and knowledge of the Software Contracts in place

  • A lack of visibility of Software Usage, making the determination of the best contract models almost impossible, as well as creating a risk for any Software Audit undertaken

  • Time and money spent optimising applications and systems, without understanding where the commercial benefit will be seen

  • Business and IT do not talk from the same data source, making it almost impossible to correctly assign cost saving priorities

  • In-House staff have a strong understanding of their own domains, but miss out on methods and the deep knowledge from doing Optimisation and Commercial contracts constantly  


Whether your running in the Cloud, or on Infrastructure services that are in-sourced or out-sourced, ECMP have the tools and skills to provide a comprehensive fit for purpose program for your organisation.