When your systems or applications are not performing optimally, it means you're generally using more processing power, memory or storage than you need. This can result in large cost overheads and poor business satisfaction. We specialise in assisting mainframe and distributed estates address these issues.


We understand the complexities of commercial licenses for software and service providers, and provide substantial savings in both these areas.  

Commercial Management

We understand the value of listening and building trusted relationships with our clients.

The relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities that helps you control expenditure and improve operational performance.


Transparency and Optimisation of both the Technical Estate and  Commercial Licenses, are all inter-linked.
EMCP pulls these threads together to provide a single view, and ensure the greatest ongoing savings to your IT Estate.

How we bring it together

We are a blend of technical and commercial specialists with a comprehensive understanding of Cost and Efficiency  Management 

Who we are

Who we work with

Our partners are amongst the best of breed for their niche areas. We work with them because we know and trust their ability to deliver.

What we Do

Our services and solutions bring together the key components of IT Estate Cost Management

IT Cost Saving Solutions 

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